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I hate the "reject" function on Fiverr!


I am so tired of being rejected. When I complete an order and deliver the product, a lot buyer reject and tell me that they need something different, then I have to draw again from the beginning. It’s sometimes unfair at all.

Does any body have tips to deal with “rejected” order like that? I would like to hear from you.


The problem is I have to handle dozen of orders at the same time, it’s hard for me to answer everyone and inform them the update.


Why not adding one more button such as “Ask for correction/modification” ? This button should not restart the timer, but just slow down the 3-days-after-delivery period. It will be used when a buyer has some minor requests on correction the product. Today, i had an incident when a buyer rejected the order but then was sorry, because he didn’t understand that “Ask for modification” will actually restart the “clock” and make my order’s status as “late”. In such cases i discuss he situation with buyer and if it’s acceptable, i deliver the order again… or a dummy delivery - then while 3 days passing I fix issues and resend the product… but whole this process of discussing + you have to be trustworthy, and your buyer - able to trust at all, is annoying.


You can minimize these significantly by asking the buyer to provide very clear instructions and having them confirm what you will be doing before you start. If you do the job the gig states you will and they reject fiverr will clear the funds for you, but you will risk negative feedback.


Thank you so much.


Asking the buyer a simple art


Hi! What I do is this: I send a vague sketch at the beginning of my order (for every order) and ask them if that’s exactly what they’re looking for. At that point it’s usually just “can the hair be longer?” or something, but tweaks are minimal and buyers are pretty happy when the sketches come quickly. But, after that, it goes pretty swimmingly and any adjustments at the end are absolutely tiny, because we’ve already set the outline in stone. If your works aren’t too complex, perhaps try that?


If your order is more than 1 day delivery time then keep your buyer updated by posting on the order page and get some sort of confirmation before hitting delivery option finally. So that will keep them from hitting the reject or modification requested button.


Reply to @ryuken: yeah exactly


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