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I Hate The Revisionistas


I am so sick and tired of buyers who place an order, get the work, ask for a revision, get the revision, and have the audacity to tell us:

“I’m sorry, I still don’t like it.”

What the heck is wrong with these people? They’re paying $10/$20/$30! When will they ever like it?

These people couldn’t be creative if their lives depended on it! They should appreciate those of us who can create!

I’m sick of it! This guy hires me once, then doesn’t like the work so I refund him. A week later he’s writing because he needs help.

I tell him, “the last time you hired me, you didn’t like my work. Why would you hire me again?”

He said “oh, but that was something else, this is totally different.”

Totally different my butt! I ended up WASTING MY TIME, twice, and not getting paid.

Worst part of it all is that my analytics were perfect, my order completion rate was 91%. Now thanks to those finks, I bet it’s gonna drop to 89%, so I’m getting demoted again!


It seems to be an epidemic.

I have some clients who seem to suffer from some form of OCD. Recently, I recorded a voice-over which included the word, ‘trick’. I deliver the job and within the hour, I get a revision request: "Could you please record the sentence with the work ‘trick’ in it again? It sounds like you are saying ‘track’.

“Yikes”, I think, “perhaps I did do that - it happens.”

So I check and sure enough…it sounds like me, saying the word, ‘trick’ and not ‘track’. I re-do it anyway, because it’s a buyers world these days. facepalm

Some folks are never pleased with anything you do, despite going the extra mile. For your effort, your stats get shafted.

It’s a great system.


You shouldn’t have accepted to work with him for the second time. For all you know, he might be using everything you’ve done for him, and feeling happy because he didn’t have to pay for it.


Not only are they Revisionistas (awesome name btw :grin:)

They are nitpickers. Once they’ve placed an order they think that it’s OK to ask for more and more.
I agree with @catwriter, this guy sounds like a pain. I think it’s time for you to cut the umbilical cord.


Can’t you say no revisions? It’s not fair to have to do the same work more than once.


I’m afraid that until fiverr gives us a “request revision” button that corresponds to the revisions set in the gig, we are going to have this problem. If there is 1 revision included, then you should only be able to press that button once before it turns into a button that says “buy more revisions”.

The way it is now, that button appears as a giant Pez dispenser of endless free work. Even though I disclaim in 4 separate places (gig description, FAQ, Custom offer and on the order page) that there are no revisions included, I still have 2 today who say “I just figured since I already paid you could just do it for free.”


It seems to be rare for a seller to have a firm rule about revisions like you do for some reason. People have no self confidence. Why don’t sellers understand their power and take charge of their sales?

They act so helpless and subservient.


It depend on buyer, if buyer give all information clearly that what he want then seller deliver work according with buyer demand in this way no revision require


Huh? So, you’re saying whatever the buyer requires the seller should deliver it no matter what?
Working extra hard for nothing? Even if it’s outside of the scope of the GIG?


It’s gotten out of control! I have a buyer who bought something that isn’t even offered in my gig. He provided the instructions, “wow me.” I wanted to wow him. I really did. But I need a bit more information than that. Unfortunately, he failed to communicate with me further, though I gave him weeks and even scheduled phone calls that he didn’t show up for. (Phone consultations are offered under the gig package he purchase, and most people JUMP at the chance to make sure I understand their requirements.) I also provided a partial sample of the direction I was headed, so he could weigh in and let me know if I was off the mark.

After receiving his work, he requested a revision. Fine. I offer one round of unlimited revisions which is clearly stated in the gig. He could have asked me to start over completely from scratch if he wanted. He didn’t. He made 2 small requests, which were done and delivered within 24 hours.

A week has gone by and he is still demanding revisions. He has messaged me probably 100 times at this point. He’s threatened a chargeback, which evidently met with failure. So he has now promised to keep at this forever. He knows he’s not entitled to more work, but he’s going to keep going anyway. A quick google of his business shows a 1.5 star yelp review and pretty bad stats on BBB. He’s been taken to small claims court for running a scam on numerous occasions.

Fiver’s response? Keep communicating with your buyer. SOLVED.

So, I’m trapped. Refund the order – take another hit on the algorithm and lose money that I earned. Do free work for an abusive buyer. Or stay stuck in this loop with the certainty that I will receive a negative review when it is finally resolved.


You would think, but VO folks routinely get this. “Hi, it sounds great, just a couple things, the website should be .net, not .com, sorry and since you are fixing that we wanted to know if you would read that second line a bit more like movie trailer, epic, but not bawdy. With a sense of wonder in a somewhat doubting tone, whilst displaying some hope for the future? Oh and make the whole thing 15 seconds shorter too. Thanks, oh and how fast can we get it?”


Hey Friend, how’s you?

:boom: What do you sell?


I can see why you don’t do revisions.


This is exactly what @misscrystal was talking about. They want “us” to work things out with the buyer(s). In some cases, this is literally impossible. It’s like we would have to persuade and butter them up like a warm honey biscuit to accept the order. :expressionless:


I am not saying about extra work according to gig service buyer should give exact information that the seller want if buyer need extra work then seller should tell buyer first then he start work


Have a read of the rest of the thread - up the way - it’ll help, really it will. :sunny:


OK. Yes! Buyers should always provide precise information and PAY for the extra work.


Why oh why don’t they put a limit on the number of times a buyer can hit that reject button??


If I did voiceovers I wouldn’t do revisions either. They are lucky to get anything at all haha. :rofl:


You may want to report to Trust and safety stating that buyer is abusing both the revision system and you. Be sure to tell them that you are feeling harassed and have done everything that you were supposed to do. In my experience they take those seriously.