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I Hate Thieves

Every once in a while I get someone that wants to get something for nothing. So the jerk wanted brand names, I deliver and he demands a revision. I deliver again and he writes: "I payed for the same service for 2 other gigs and got much better ideas! "

Really? Then why didn’t he use those ideas?

"I didnt use the other names I got yet because I want to get as many ideas as possible before I make any decision. That’s a normal thing to do it."

Sure, and it’s also normal to PAY PEOPLE FOR THEIR WORK. Specially after I provide a revision. Of course, maybe if I had taken a long time doing the revision, he wouldn’t have written:

"It can not be that you brainstorm 5 names for my business in less than 5 minutes. Meaning, you didnt care at all about me, my idea or my business. You just sent me 5 names that you found on your pc or was left over from other clients. Thats not brainstorming for me!"

Aw, now he wants me to care about his business. Never mind that I brainstorm fast, that I was in front of my computer when he demanded his revision, that he wanted WEIRD NAMES, not but something like Google or Pepsi. I grant you that giving him,, and might not be as great as Google or Pepsi, but those are available domains, and if you want to be weird, those names are damn weird.

"If you cant understand that you better take your gig offline and stop doing this job, becase the only one trying to still something here from someone is you! sending me generated machine names that anybody can get for free in the internet!"

Out of 158 reviews for that gig, only 4 are negative. But I guess I should give up because he thinks I’ve used a name generator. Really? You’re a fool, and I wish I could share your name with the people here. I wish we could review the buyers, let’s see how many sellers want to do business with a 3-star or 1-star buyer.

I did refund his order, that’s the drawback of satisfaction guarantee, but I tell you, buyers like him piss me off. You didn’t like my work? Fine, but you don’t have to insult me, it’s not like you’re standing next to me while I’m doing my job.

Damn Thieves Should Die!

Reply to @sabiansoldier: Yeah, most buyers have been nice, even polite when asking for a revision or refund. Some are shocking, one came back to me two days after the order had been delivered, another got a delivery on December 31st and today sends me a message about how he doesn’t like the work I did. Since I don’t want to get a bad review from him, I gave him some new options.

By the way, you have some pretty amazing music gigs.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: There are usually tricks for anything, but you want to be careful about ‘copyright’ issues. You’re correct that song titles generally aren’t protected by actual copyright laws (although there are plenty of exceptions). They can also be protected by trademark and unfair competition law. In fact, the more original or unique the title phrase is, the more likely it is to be protected in some way - by the letter or "spirit’ of the law.

It’s funny you’d mention Funky Cold Medina. I had completely forgotten that song existed until I was reminded a couple of days ago, and now I can’t get it out of my head!

Hate that, some people are so ignorant. They dont respect our work! Thankfully though this guy is an exception. Most of my buyers have been nice.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Yeah, those can be quite challenging. But there are tricks, if you’re selling frozen yogurt, you could call yourself “Funky Cold Medina” (it’s true, song titles are part of the public domain, you can’t copyright them) or Siberian Dreams. I read a book about creating brands, and they use “Spoon Me” as an example. The company even made t-shirts with “Spoon Responsible” and their tagline “If you love me, spoon me.” Besides, is probably not available for purchase, you’re better off with OnlineSweat or Sweaternet or something different. Regards.

:slight_smile: I feel you …

Reply to @cre8iveartwork: I’m sure you could tell me horror stories. And you deliver 5 logo variations, what are clients expecting? To love every logo? They only need one logo. That variations are to help them find it, I hope most of your buyers understand that.

He’s pissed off because he thinks the work was done too quickly? I guess he doesn’t get the meaning of fast copywriting then!

Reply to @realfastcopy: It’s funny how we both have similar names, I’m fastcopywriter and you’re realfastcopy. You’re absolutely right, he thinks slow equals quality, it does not.

I just got an order cancelled by support because… knobody knows why. By the way it was a 100$ order. :slight_smile: Who cares…

Getting criticized or penalized for being quick is my biggest pet peeve in all work situations! Online, offline, creative work or manual labor; it drives me nuts when people have some sort of prejudice against speed.

It’s particularly annoying in places like Fiverr because it makes perfect sense to offer gigs that a seller can complete quickly - it’s the only way to earn a decent wage!

fastcopywriter said: But I guess I should give up because he thinks I've used a name generator.
What's his complaint if you did use a name generator? He apparently wanted "weird" & domain availability. And I don't think I'm going out on a limb here, but I'd say most folks don't know what a "Google" actually is, or understand an "Etsy", how about "Yahoo" and "eBay"? As far as Pepsi goes, maybe you should have just knocked a letter off the end of the name of what he's trying to sell, stuck "Co." on the end of it and told him to wait 25 years until he built up some name recognition.

Grr. My biscuits are burned on behalf of anyone who gets shafted for being good at what they do.

Out of close to 2k completed orders, I’ve only had to deal with this kind of person about five times. Some of them even have the nerve to say that all those hundreds of people that gave you good ratings are idiots. These people probably take five bucks and pull the same BS with dozens of sellers to get free work.

I wouldn’t even mind if they asked for revisions and still felt the work was bad, but they usually ask you to cancel without revisions. They do this even when you make sure they know you will revise the work as many times as they need. That is the moment when you realize they are thieves.

I have to mention that CS has always been extremely fair to me when I provide proof of any unfair play.

Reply to @cre8iveartwork: That sucks. When a buyer messages me before ordering and asks about making a large order, I always tell him to go small and see if he likes my writing style. I’d rather get paid $5 today and $90 tomorrow than tend up with a huge cancellation. Of course, at my level I do get huge orders from time to time, so far I might get a revision request, but not demand for cancellations at that level. The only exception was a $100 order for T-shirt headlines, but the guy didn’t even give instructions and demanded a cancellation right away. I think he ordered by mistake.

Reply to @itsyourthing: No, it was 100% original. Only once in my life I have used a name generator, and frankly, I wasn’t too pleased with the results. You put a word like Milk, and you get Milk Shadow, Milk Me One, Milkmant, that’s not the kind of work I deliver.

Reply to @startselect: It sucks when that happen, it’s one thing to eat at a popular restaurant and say you didn’t like it, it’s something else to call every diner that likes it an idiot. In real estate and in life, it’s the market that decides.

I’m glad CS has been good with you, with me they are good for some issues, this isn’t one of them. Besides, I don’t like getting bad reviews.

By the way, you play some mean guitar. Really nice stuff.

I hope you get more orders on that one. This gig could be perfect for those who need music for their gig videos.


I just posted that, so I will have to climb my way up with it.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Your name probably influenced me subconsciously as I was choosing. Don’t worry though, our gigs are different. I’m not going to be taking any of your customers! :wink:

Reply to @realfastcopy: I was really lucky when I picked that name, copywriter was taken, and I didn’t want to be copywriter69. So I thought about my life, what have people always accused me of doing? Writing too fast. “Simon, slow down. Simon, take your time. Simon, we don’t need this now.” Your name is great too, easy to remember. RealFastCopy, love it.

hmmm… I’ve had my bad times too on fiverr, even though my account is barely 3 months old! I just posted an article on the tip for buyers section and I mentioned a buyer who placed a $75 order and asked for cancellation!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaa! :frowning:

I was like: "What the heck is wrong with these people?"

and I even have buyers who will just give a negative rating without asking for modifications! YAY!!! :frowning:

Fiverr just brings a lot of shit people to us professionals sometimes!

But we tend to survive because we’re masters of our skills! :slight_smile:

So, I say Happy New Year to all Great Fiverr Seller!

Reply to @graphics_pro360: I shared your book cover gig with a friend of mine who makes $1,000-$2,000 publishing books on Amazon, can’t guarantee he’ll order right away, but hopefully he’ll add you to his list of favorites. Really great gig, very competitive. Just remember to increase your delivery date once you’re flooded with orders, otherwise you won’t be getting a lot of sleep. LOL