I hate this site


I have $40 credit with this crap outfit but they won’t let me use the credit to buy other services. There is no way to contact this crowd of charlatans and I’m ready to report them to the UK Secretary of State for Commerce.

What a rubbish site.


I have yet to find that support helps with anything.


The price on the new gig must be exactly the amount in your account. You have already paid the processing fee so it is not charged again. Order 4 $10 gigs, 2 $20, or 8 $5. They might leave change but I can’t be sure of that.


I understand your frustration. When you signed up you agreed to the terms and regulations and these unfortunately are the rules.

There is nothing you can do about it. Sorry! Maybe you can spend it on a gift, Mother’s Day is coming up how about a portrait or something like that, there are tons of great gigs out there!


Do you mean that you have $40 in your account and you’ve tried to purchase other gigs and the website won’t let you? If that’s the case, there may be a bug and you should contact Customer Support (by clicking on that link right there, clicking “Contact Support” at the top of this page, or by clicking “Help” on the bottom of any Fiverr webpage <—only three of the many ways to contact aforementioned charlatans).

If you have $40 in your account that you are trying to get out of the website…support may help you, but it is more likely they’ll cite to terms of service and refuse.


Reply to @annai80: UK Mother’s Day was in March. :wink:


Reply to @itsyourthing: Oops lol! I guess maybe a birthday present then :wink:


Reply to @emasonwrites: I agree if you are trying to purchase other gigs and it won’t let you contact support!