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I HATE what my buyer delivered. HELP. (PICS)

From the beginning I told my buyer exactly what I wanted. I even created 95% of the logo myself. I just needed it to be clarified and smoothed out beyond my PhotoShop abilities. So the first delivered was bad. She changed the font of it WHEN I TOLD HER NOT TO CHANGE ANYTHING. But to go over the colors again to make it stand out and to make the edges of the leaves (images attached) smoother. And the middle of the yellow shield to look symmetrically even behind the “MCA” text when it fades. She sent me another delivery that was EVEN WORSE. The font was corrected (kinda),the edges weren’t smoothed, the shield looked like it was scribbled yellow with the paint tool AND my text isn’t even!! I’m infuriated just pointing out the details again. I am NOT paying for this mockery! How can I cancel this order?? It only says “request modification or complete” and can I even cancel ?? I doubt requesting another modification is going to improve anything.

This is why it’s so important to shop around to find someone able to do exactly the work you’re asking for. Sending a message with details before actually ordering should give you a sense of whether that’s possible.

Don’t forget that services here start at $5. If you’re getting quotes from different sellers at $25 but decide to go with the one that has said they can do the work for $5, then the likelihood is that it won’t be as good.

You’re able to request a mutual cancellation which will refund the money to your account by clicking the ‘Resolution Centre’ tab at the top of the order page. There, you can describe why you’re not happy and the seller can choose to accept or refuse your cancellation. If you can’t come to an agreement there, you can ask Fiverr support to intervene.

Hope that helps! Do stick with Fiverr - there are some great sellers here. Once you’ve found someone you enjoy working with you can return again and again.

You have the best buyers protection when ordering from new people on Fiverr. I am sorry it wasted your time.

I know you can’t list the user name here, but can you list what level your provider is? Beginner, level 1, level 2? How many reviews do they have for the gig you ordered, and what is their overall rating?

Thanks for your input. Your experience will help other buyers. Sorry for your trouble.

Reply to @landongrace: Shes a level 2 seller. With a 97% positive rating. The gig was unrated because it was a new arrival. She was even recommended to me by another seller.

Reply to @deanstokes: I did shop around, thats the thing! I found the perfect seller but he referred me to her because he was completely booked so I trusted his word. I will stick with fiverr but I will be sure to conversate more with the seller before trusting their skills. Also, thank you so much for the guidance on the resolution center! Found it quick :slight_smile: So when if she does decide to agree to the cancellation I will get a refund or what will happen after that?

In this situation, you and the seller are at fault. Here is why: the edges are bumpy because you are using a low resolution file. The seller would have to redraw the whole thing. You can’t smooth out an image that starts pixelated. It is on you for not knowing that and on the seller for trying to deal with it. It always goes better when a seller can do work from scratch. She would have to redraw the whole thing to make it printable and would be well within her rights to charge $80 for time.

Sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, contact fiverr directly and explain that you are absolutely not happy with the result, even after several re-dos. I would hope they will refund you!

In general, I would advice you to always contact the seller prior to making the order. You can even ask for work samples or suggestions. I think that way you get a better feeling if that person understands what you want.

I just started my fiverr shop and I specifically urge people to message me first if they aren’t sure if I’m the right person for them. As a shop owner, I want my customers to be happy with the result and I will only accept gigs I know I can do well. With thousands of cheap offers, I think customer service is the one thing that distinguishes fiverr sellers.

Is this for $5, or more? To be fair to her, that’s not much for what you’re asking. We get $4 after the fiverr fee. She’d have to redraw the entire logo, there’s no magic button to push that suddenly makes it sharper. Also, did you tell her what font you used? If not then that would be why she changed it, because she just found the closest one.