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I hate when I cannot finish an order


I really do not like it when I let a customer down. Its like I betray the customer’s trust every time I cannot finish a gig. Any help with coping?


The answer may lie in why you didn’t finish my friend.


Yes you do. Allow more time or don’t offer to do things you can’t finish.

Why does this happen to you? Why can’t you finish a job? What is the problem?


Simply extend time delivery if your workload is much or things are just beyond your control.


Be Smart & Pro-active ! Clearly communicate all necessary info. requirements fro the buyer , so that you can working effectively & efficiently.


If you think you can deliver in 1 day then give 2 days. This is for those users who fail to deliver in time.


In my web dev section, it often happens like this -
" I know very well what I am providing, then in the middle of it, client comes up saying s/he wanted this, but I never got it in the beginning of the project"

Happens in my case.

Nobody wants an incoming money gone way, along with reputations, fiverr stats.

Mishaps buddy, I understand your feelings