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I hav 60 day complete on Fiverr but not come any order

I have already 60 day complete on Fiverr but not come any orders why? and i have alrdy send 95 byer request best offers…!


You haven’t received any orders yet. You see that your gig has gotten better and easier to do in the hope of getting better scripts and titles.


thank you but not any order come …

Work on your English. I’m pretty sure that the “95 byer request best offers” aren’t that good. Customers care about communication more than you think.

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Your gigs are filled with grammar mistakes, if you’ve spent 60 days just waiting then you probably aren’t going to get the results you want, get to work.

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I mean hell nah, besides communication barrier, you’re barely having any quality in your gigs. To put it another way, work on your skills, everyday is a opportunity for you to improve and get better on whatever you’re doing. ps sorry for criticizing, I’m just trying to help :blush:

my buyer request 812 only one project done

last 3 month have no order

fiver going to wrong polices , fiver going to ranked those person & gig they have so many review new startup gig going to full tough time

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