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I have 0 clicks!

Hi, I am new on Fİverr. I have 62 impressions on a gigs but I have no any clicks. What can I do please help me.


Your poster gig’s main image is getting cropped a lot on the profile page and also will in the search page. If you make it more like 1.619:1 aspect ratio it won’t be cropped so much.

In the dream logo gig, maybe make the main gig image less compressed/bit less pixelated.

Maybe say a bit more of what you do in the gig description(s) eg. in the “Twitch banner…” gig description you don’t mention Twitch or banners (though you do in the package descriptions). Also your “Twitch banners” ad “Posters” gig descriptions are exactly the same. Maybe make them more unique and that might help with searches.


I have the same problem
thank you.

Share your gigs on social media , specially on twitter ,
have a catchy gig image this will work hope so