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I have 0 impressions on my Gig after about 40 hours

I posted my GIG on Fiverr Monday morning and still have 0 views on it. I have what people should call me by in my description. I have everything professionally laid-out, but no one sees it. Any suggestions?


For that you have to wait for more time, if your impression is now low, you have to change something on your gig

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Your profile description is

My name is Nathaniel. I create professional thumbnails for cheap. They can be used for whatever you like. (YouTube is the most frequent use.) $3-5 per thumbnail

Your gig description is

Professional Thumbnails for YouTube/Facebook/Twitch. Quick, Clean, and Cheap. Friendly customer service and quick response time.

Your tag is

  1. streamer, 2. good thumbnails, 3. thumbnails, 4. cheap, 5. professional

It’s not “professionally laid-out”, it’s laziness. That being said, it’s true that your impression will be low in the beginning… but my opinion at least 50% is correctable. (edited, bad choice of words)


Okay. This is my first time doing something like this. So, I have no idea what I should put. By Professionally Laid-out, I was referring to my proper grammar and spelling. Which, in my opinion, should put me a foot ahead of many other sellers. Edit: Instead of blunt criticism, can you instruct me on how to better my post?

Hello dear sweet friend,

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I hope you are doing very well.

If you would like to get views/ impressions or even clicks then follow small tips and go ahead to change your Gigs, only if you like it

It’s fine! Still if you didn’t got any views it happens and you need to be steady patience.

Change you title: I will create professional YouTube thumbnails to attract audiences

Use keywords : YouTube thumbnails - thumbnails - YouTube video - video promotions

Description: Use your description and let your buyers knows why they prefer to buy your service and what exactly they will get from you with after sales results.

Price: Ok

Use your description to attract your customers. I hope you would like it.

Happy Earning!

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Thank you. I will absolutely keep this in mind.

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Proper grammar and spelling will not put you ahead of the line. Many great sellers with high sales and reviews don’t have them.

The price is the selling point and you are not charging expensive :white_check_mark:, problem is others are selling at the low price too :white_check_mark:… have a good handful of positive reviews :white_check_mark:.

The number one challenge will be getting that first order and review (without having to ask for it).

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Marketing Your Gig On Fiverr…

No matter whats your gig price …
You get easily Impression Increase …
And try to always active on fiverr then you get click and possible to get a chance to get a order …
-Best of luck


Alright. I changed everything you listed. If you can review it now, that would be greatly appreciated.

Your profile should have 100 words at least, the same for your gig description (100 - 150).

Write something about the gig (what software you use), your experience in creating thumbnails… I know little about image creation, so I don’t know what keyword to suggest.

Think of the “search field” as looking for what you can do… and you need to write “what you can do”… to appear on potential client’s “search field”.

This will be a good guideline on what to write.

You cann’t change within a few times… Please, take a lot of time to change it. Research more and more then change. If you take a short time to change gig info, I think it not give you best result… please don’t mind…

Other than what I mentioned above, I think you should mention what format the client will get the file in… JPG / GIF / PNG… what about source files?

Expand the information in the basic, standard & premium plans.

You can marketing your gig.

Make sure your gig has been published and use unique description with an attractive gig image :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe after 72 hours it will be fixed wait

First thing is see your gig is active or not. If gig is active and you don’t get impression then your gig is not good to make impression.