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I have 132 order, from which 80 are completed, but I am not yet level 2


I have more than enough orders and a 95% rating, yet I have yet to receive level 2. I should have gotten it right with level 1 (About a week ago), as I had more than enough order by then already. The level 2 requirement states “50 ORDERS WITHIN TWO MONTHS”. Is this just poorly worded and it means I also need to be active for 2 months?

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Hi Mitchel , the requirement to reach level 2 is also to have a 100% positive rating.

Along with what @designboom said, you do also have to wait the 60 days. I had the same question because of the “Within two months”, but CS told me you can’t receive the level two badge before two months have passed.

Good luck!

Level 2 get after 2 months plus excellent feedback

I will appreciate if someone can answer this question, please, becaus I am in a mess about level 2 status.

What happens when you have 40 orders within two months with 100% rating and most of those have been multiple orders (most of them are 4 gigs in one)? I have actually sold more than 100 gigs in two months but if someone gets 50 orders of 1 gig each, that person can get level 2 and I cannot?

Thank you!!!


All 3 of your gigs say, “about 1 month”.

  • So it is “about” 30 days

    – Your map shows 34 gigs

    — Your rating is 100%

    ---- You are Level 1

    Level 2 requires you to make… “over 50 orders in the past two months while maintaining excellent ratings and a solid track record.”

  • So you have some time to go and some orders to get.

    Good luck! :slight_smile: