I have 18k impressions, but 0 orders?


My gig has been up for about a month, has 18k impressions and 41 page views, but no one has ordered. Is something wrong with my gig?? :-/

Please view my gig and tell me what I should change.






You need to have patience. It can take weeks and even months for a gig to take root and start getting orders. In the meantime here’s some good reading;

How to create and promote your gigs


Aid to attracting buyers


Good luck! :wink:


IMHO, your description needs a little more OOMPH. Maybe you could trade gigs with one of the promotion gig people to get a great description written. That description just doesn’t grab me.


Maybe more specific keyword targeting may be in order. Add a video to give an idea of what exactly you will provide, maybe be more “personable” by showing up on there yourself, and maybe a more detailed description of what they will get, and the uses of which they can use it for.

brittney_d said: Please view my gig and tell me what I should change.

A lot of the tips mentioned above are great. And I think it would be cute to see a stop-frame type video of the collage pieces arranging 'themselves' on the page. If you don't want to use an image of yourself for your profile, use an image that's more 'agreeable' to the type of gigs you offer - something bright and attention-grabbing. Best of luck!


Change your tags! Make a video or something and please change me that presentatiuon to make it look more pro.

Your gig seems nice but patience and testing will be what brings you clients!