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I have 200+ positive reviews but 0 orders in months

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
I have been working on fiverr for more than a year now and it was great. I always delivered best quality work and I’ve had 209 amazing reviews from happy customers.
Since last December, the volume of orders started to drop and now I get about 5 clicks per week. Apart from an occasional order from one of my past satisfied customer, I get nothing.
Where did it go wrong for me? Will I ever be able to come back? Please help me guys.


When did you add the packages?

I switched to packages in December, I think. Do you think that’s the reason?

I think this might be the reason. Try and adjust your pricing back to the way you had it, or adjust your prices on the packages and see if it will make a difference. The packages are a great feature. Some sellers are really successful with the packages others have tried them and did not have that much success.

Yes, I guess I have no option other than to go back and change. Thanks annai80