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I have $25 in green on my account but I can't use it when placing an order?

A seller has invoiced me $25 for a gig and I have $25 displayed in green on my account. However, when I come to pay for the order, I cannot use the money.

What is going on?

The order says Order Now ($25).

I have $25 in green in my account.

There shouldn’t be an issue, unless a hidden charge is being applied?

There appears to be a hidden charge. Once lowered to $20 everything worked out fine.

Yep, it’s definitely the processing charge.

You will now be stuck with $5 on your account that you can never use, as the 50c processing fee means you’ll be redirected to Paypal to make full payment.

If you want to use the remaining $5, I think you need to contact customer support.