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I have 3k impressions but no orders

Guys can anyone tell me if there is something wrong with my gig, i have 3k impressions but no orders


From my suggestion chabger your description and thumbnail. but it will cause you deranked so make it wisely

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You doing social media marketing and exchanging gig fav with other sellers . Am I right ?

no im not doing social media marketing , just need suggestions

I actually think your description is fine aside from a little fine tuning, if you wanted…now I am not very familiar with this niche but I think part of the problem may be that a lot of your gigs seem redundant. The gig that you posted here, while it is for “Amazon assistant”, it offers pretty much every service you can do, which you ALSO have divided into individual gigs, like your “SEO optimization” and such…so I would take a look at all your gigs collectively and maybe do some title changes, just to make it more clear what you are offering in each gig and how that differs from your other gigs. I just think your titles may be a bit confusing and throw people off to what service(s) they actually need. Does this make sense?

Again, not in this niche and never seen a gig offering Amazon services before; however, I looked at the gigs related to yours and they all seem to say the same things- which helped me realize some of the words in your description may in fact be SEO optimized as it is (which I didn’t recognize at first). BUT I would still take another look at your keywords and how they are set up in all your titles, if you do decide to tweak them. Try to think of words that are still relevant to your services, but are maybe a little more unique/make you stand out from the crowd!! I’m sure you can come up with something more grand and cohesive when it comes to your titles, considering the services you offer! Remember that your gig image also gives a lot of specifics on what you offer, and some information is better left for the bio! It’s just a matter of fine tuning which words are really best!

Just one other little tip, and to be fair I did not do deep researching into your niche here but this applies across the field. Take a look at your prices and potentially lower them for some time, solely to start attracting more orders. When you have more clientele and reviews, then I would up the prices again. So for example, in the gig you posted your second package is $70 for 7 days of assistance, whereas you charge $10 for a “full day”. It may be more appealing to change your second package to $60 or even $65 to make it look like customers are getting a deal for 7 days and not paying the same base price per day that they would if they went with package one. This may be the thing that helps you most, as I did look through some of the other pricing of your competition. Now, I’m not saying to sell yourself or your services short…but sometimes we have to flow with the market and what will really convert the buyers.

When it comes to ranking and editing your gig…don’t worry about that. It will not be lost forever, and likelihood is when you’re able to pinpoint and fix what’s turning people away or causing them not to click/convert, your impressions will skyrocket. In my own experience I was terrified to make much needed updates to my gigs because I thought I would lose all my progress…well, afterwards my impressions and clicks doubled in under a day! Just give it a lot of thought and when you go in to adjust one thing on a gig, just make sure you revamp everything you want to at once so you don’t need to keep editing and wonking with where you show up in search.

Hope this is helpful, best of luck!!

-Taz :blush:


Thank you so much ill work on that :grinning:

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No problem girlie! :laughing: I’d love to see what you come up with so keep me posted! Your profile seems very professional to me so it is a wonder why you’re not getting more orders, I really hope some of these little tweaks can help the algorithm show you more love :heart:


more new seller are coming and more competition is one think

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There is nothing wrong with your gig, @amazon_aide! Freelancing is a patience game, there is simply so much mind blowing and awesome talent out there that it might take a while for a buyer to come across your profile and gig. In the mean time, you can keep improving your gig:

  1. Add screenshots and portfolios to your gig.
  2. References to github projects or external certifications.
  3. Update the pricing, you may have to offer huge discounts initially.
  4. Promote your gig on social media - be active on places like linkedin, reddit, facebook, twitter, etc., that’s where your prospective patronage lurks by!

But undoubtedly, from my own experience (and that of several other freelancers across the interwebs), your orders will start rolling if you stick to this persistently.