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I have 4.9 star in a gig,is it possible to make it 5 star when increasing 5 star rating?

One of my gig have 5 star in all of the order done before except 1 order. In that order buyer rated me 4.3. Is it possible to make the gig again 5 star or stuck in 4.9 for lifetime?

If you get enough 5-Stars, your average will bump-up to 5-Star again.

I don’t know the exact formula, or the number you’ll need - just focus on delivering great work, and so long as the vast majority of your reviews are 5-Star, you’ll get back there.

(Also, there’s nothing wrong with 4.9 - buyers who want to buy from you won’t be put off just because you’ve lost .1 of a review score)


Thank you so much for inspiring me @cubittaudio

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If you got just 9 more 5 star ratings on the gig (and no other ratings) it should be 4.95 average which should probably show as 5 due to rounding.


Yes, Thank you. It worked, above 4.95 and again reach 5 star.@uk100


You’ve reached 5 star??? Can you please elaborate a bit how you reached that rating again and after how many orders?