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I have $4 in my fiverr account

And the gig i want to buy total is $5.50. How to top up my fiverr credit account by $1.50?

You can’t. Unless you initiate a dispute with PayPal, but then you’ll be banned from Fiverr. Your choice.

You don’t need $5.50 if you already have money in your Fiverr account. You only need $5.

In your case, it is impossible to top up your Fiverr credit account by $1.50, unfortunately, you will have to shell out $5.50 from your Paypal account.

I don’t know what gig is offered at $5.50 as you cannot place a “.50” in custom offers. I think you only need $5.

The only thing you can do now is offer a gig earn something out of it to be able to afford that $5 gig or… just withdraw the money, I think you’ll get about $3.92? Then order the gig normally through paypal, but this time the gig will cost $5.50 due to Paypal fees…

The .50 is a nifty little surcharge that buyers have to pay in addition to the $5 to ‘cover fees’ or some arrant nonsense like that. In reality, Fiverr’s taking a neat 30% commission per $5 gig. Nice work if you can get it… plus I don’t believe you can withdraw the money unless you want to get grindy with CS, and who really wants to waste acres of time over such a piffling amount?


haha! you do have a point there, emmaki. Nice to see your profile picture is back on the Forum. The other day it wasn’t showing up.

Thanks for your usefull information.

Yes, I think it’s just one of the teething problems of the new forum. I still can’t upload photos! (that seems to going haywire every so often anyway, so maybe it’s just as well)

You should wait for your next orders i mean more sells! Hope you soon you will get. Happy Fiverring!!