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I have 4$s in my account, How to use?

My first order got canceled as the seller did not finish my order. I have now 4$s in my account how to use?

You can’t purchase anything on Fiverr with $4… I think? I mean, everything here starts at $5.

I think you’ll just have to use a back up funding source to cover the rest.

Add $2 to your account and buy a gig in the “fun and bizarre” category if you are not sure what to do with the money.

Create a gig and start selling and after making one sale, your cash in your account will increase to $9 thus you will be able to buy or withdraw. good luck

Or with adding 2$ also can buy a gift (I saw some people sell cool things such as necklace, drawing animal portrait, etc). But if it is something that cannot be sent through a file (like a necklace for instance) there will be shipping cost.

Look fun area. You will get your desire …

Haha, yeah. I’d love to buy a video of that man who dances in his underwear for a birthday greeting.

A woman does that - that would be p-o-r-n, a guy does that, that’s fun…double standards, you think?

I guess so, but it would depend on the purpose. If the woman tries to be seductive, it would be an indication of p-o-r-n, but this dude is being funny so I think it would it’s something of another context. It wouldn’t be p-o-r-n like, if it was a woman who was trying to be funny too.

Yeah, makes sense when you put it that way.