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I have 50 Clicks but no orders

I have 1.6K imp and 50 clicks but no orders. please help.

That means that 1.600 people saw your gig, 50 took a closer look and none of them has enough interest to order it.
Act accordingly.


@mariokluser This is indeed a sad situation and it is good to see :eyes: you again!

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What do I need to do then? I have no idea. Please help me…

I think you should re-create the GIG videos becuase it is not explaining what you provide.The video on your GIG more suits in Fun and Entertainment Category.Choose a great thumbnail.

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thanks a lot… I’ll do it

improve the gig quality

It’s a situation. I don’t know if it is sad.
Sad is probably the fact that people get hypnotized by meaningless numbers.
I wouldn’t even know how much views and clicks my gig have.

I’m not back b.t.w. I just couldn’t sleep and had a glass of Port,