I have 5M Real and clean Email lists


Are you looking for Email lists to increase your Business and others marketing purposes? here is one of the greatest Gigs for you. provide 5 Million Lists to you and all are come from first tier countries like as USA, Uk, Australia and Canada.more others country .


5 million! That’s some hell of a claim man. Cool.


Let me guess. All gmails!


Hey Dude,
Its my gig title just only for promoting :smiley:


Sure :slight_smile: Lets make a deal.


Why you spam here? This is forum not a marketing place where you can share any type of link.


sellers can promote their gig on My Fiverr Gigs Section.


Wrong bro. You can ask the admin they was said don’t advertise anything on fiverr forum. Cause here everyone come with any type of problem also with great tips. If anyone spam here or share link then everyone will try to advertise here. And you can read the forum terms.


It is also a great place for promoting Gigs.
You can visit
Your Fiverr Experience >> My Fiverr Gigs
You will see more than 30,000 posts :wink: where sellers advertising their gig. :maple_leaf:




Thanks …<3


Yeah i was read it. But do you know the actual forum advertising. If anyone leave a good comment or give a best post then buyer feel interested to watch the profile. So if we make our comment or post best then we can advertise our self. For example you give a good post which attractive also informative. When buyer read your comment or post buyer can understand this seller know about the work so then he or she visit your profile and if he find any gig which is good he must order from you. So we need to post a good or informative comment or post which can help sellers or buyer.




I have over 700 million emails in total. All are clean. I bought a second hand hdd and found them there and decided not to delete them… Maybe one day I will sell them or delete them.