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I have 7 gig but i don't get any order


i am sending buyer request regularly but i can’t get any order. don’t know how to get order without sending buyer request. someone is getting order without any buyer request. need more facilities on the new seller for achieving success need to know how to get order without sending any buyer request? Thanks


when a buyer search for service and type any keywords for service there will appears sellers gigs, if your gig appear in search result and the buyer wants to work with you they will buy your gig.


share your gigs on your social network where you think your potential buyer will be.


number of sellers are being increased day by day. some of them have no idea or clue how to run a business. some are qualified but they don’t get orders as they need. luck is a mater too. some are smartly dealing their business. now a days it’s really tough to get levels. sellers number are more than buyer. you can share your gigs to social sites. repeat buyer is a key for this marketplace. good luck to you for your business.


Specially I suggest you, please decorate your gigs with perfect SEO related TAG, Smart Title, user-friendly description, Use video on your gigs and add few of work example on your gig image which you completed by self.
Remember, getting 1st order is very difficult. But when you get your 1st job and completed with 5 star review. Then you will get order without sending byer request. if your GIG seo friendly.

One more thing, share your gig on social media, It will help you getting more jo.

Thank you, Have a good day :slight_smile:



I’m curious: is that you in your profile photo?

I ask because prospective buyers like to know who they’re dealing with.


thank you so much for your pass