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I have a bad buyer and i need help


A buyer is trying to cancel my order after i delivered to her. The excuse she is giving me is that her own buyer canceled her job that she did not make money out of the task.
So the problem was not the quality of the work i did for, because i offered her unlimited reviews but she was giving an excuse that her buyer also cancelled her own,

She was offering to give me half of amount we agreed on

Please community advise me on what to do,because i have an option to decline the cancellation



Say no. Put your foot down and kindly explain that you finished the work and it’s good quality. Tell them you are sorry for the situation they’re in, and you understand, but you can’t just accept a cancellation for a good order already delivered. This is your job after all and you can’t be working for free or at half price.


I have already said no and explained to her why i could not. I scarified a lot to deliver the task to her. It was a dispute page that she opened, and i have 1 days to decline the dispute or the order will be cancelled. If i decline the dispute will it affect me negatively?


I don’t know, to be honest, as I’ve never gone that far, but dispute it. Fight back until you get what you deserve.


Ok thank you very much. I do appreciate


To be honest, If I’m in your situation, I’ll decide my actions based on the number of reviews I have in my account. If the numbers are high, then I’ll reject the offer of cancellation. Otherwise, I’ll play safe with the buyer, since a bad review can mess up your impressions.


no one can help! as buyer is first priority to Fiverr too


You don’t need to invite me to this topic. I can see it just fine on the forum feed.

My advice mirrors what you’ve already been told – don’t agree to cancel. You did the work, you deserve to get paid for it. It is not your fault that the buyer chose to be a middleman, and her client backed out. She made a commitment to you, and you honored it. She’s going to have to take the loss.

If you decline the dispute, she could choose to leave a negative review.

Stand your ground. Don’t fear the negative review of someone who has to deal with the consequences of her own choices – choices that have nothing to do with you.


Don’t worrying about this…I think no good work wasted by anyone.Carry on your job


Thank you guys for your feedback. I have opened a ticket with Support. At the initial stage of our discussion the buyer was even suggesting sending the work to me through email.

The only reason i still sent an offer to the buyer was because she is a level 2 seller and i thought she was genuine


I have very few reviews because i am new in the system. But i do not think one bad review will kill me. I got jobs even when i did not have a review.

But thank you for the feedback i understand your point.

I already have a repeat buyer who has been coming back again and again


Perfect! Then I think you should take actions and stand by your works! Since your repeat buyer knows the quality of your work, the bad review won’t affect that trust.


That does not mean that you have to give her the work free.

Say no you will NOT cancel! That is not a valid reason for her to cancel after you have delivered.

NEVER give a refund after you deliver for any reason if you did the job well.

You do not need customer support.

Just decline the request to cancel. If she opens one again, decline again and continue to decline it.

She is not entitled to a cancellation and you don’t need customer support to deal with this.


Thank you for the response it seems that is what i have to be doing every two days, i will decline the request to cancel. Support got back to me and asked me to try and negotiate with the buyer.

They said they have reviewed the case that i did no wrong but cannot force the buyer to accept the order.
That i should keep them updated


Hello All,

I want to thank you all for all the support and input during the process.

I am happy to say that my buyer has accepted the work and gave me a 5 star rating.

I am happy i stood my ground because i know what i sacrificed and what i put in to do the task.

Thank you all.