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I have a big problem! Gig search results

Hello guys so I have been on fiverr for 9 days and I achived a beautifull 7 orders It was going great untill yesterday…Its been 2 days since I havent recieved a message
Some of my best seller gigs dont show in the search results at all not on first page and not on last page what is going on ? Something must have happened that broke my flow . I was getting 1 order / day consistent and my gigs where increasing in 5 star reviews and so on…
But instead of ranking aparently they can not be found anywhere …
EDIT : one of my gigs has 100 favorites and it can not be found on any search page
how is this possible ?

you write, some gigs are active but can not see on results what is the reason??
This question has the same as me

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this is a big problem

anyone experience something similar?

Its happen to every one, Still don’t the reason for this.

Please check your gig status in seller help center. Sometime they review gig and that gig doesn’t appear in search.

Same problem with me, 3 days ago