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I have a buyer "Problem"

I have this buyer see, and he’s pretty good so far. He’s a little late on confirming gigs, but that’s okay. The “problem”, if you can call it that, is that he keeps ordering from the wrong gig. He wants me to write articles, and when he first ordered from my ‘750 word story’ gig I explained that the stories are for fiction only, and I would write the 500 words from my article gig. I asked if he would order articles in the future instead of stories, and he said yes. Now he has ordered 8 gigs, all in the story writing gig, and he left all his reviews on it too. Its not the worst of problems, but I think my article gig was gaining momentum from all the reviews I was getting, and there is no polite way to tell him to stop ordering one gig and instead order another without risking him as a customer altogether I think. Any advice on how to deal with this, or have you been in similar situations?

Personally, my buyers can order any gig of mine they want, as long as we both understand what it is that I’m doing, and they’ve ordered the correct amount! ~lol~ But that’s just me, and many of my gigs are closely related, so it’s okay.

I understand it can leave lop-sided numbers/reviews but over time as you have a wider range of clients it won’t matter as much.

Yeah, all of your sales are given “thumbs Up!” and there is no portfolio for you to be concerned about. No need to “deal with it”, just take them wherever they from.