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I have a buyer who likes my work, but keeps rejecting it and I do not understand why

I think this is more of an inquiry than a rant, however I was not sure where else to post this.

Basically put, I have a buyer who likes my work, but keeps rejecting it and I do not understand why…

This particular client ordered a gig with an installation extra as well. So I recorded their script and sent it to them for review before installation. They rejected it and asked for revisions. I complied and sent revisions 2 more times only to have them both rejected while stating that they were great and when can they be installed. So now, I am supposed to install this recording onto their phone system, however, they have already rejected the work for a 3rd time. I feel very uncomfortable continuing this order and feel as if this person just wants free work from me. I even asked why they keep rejecting my work saying “I am not understanding why you rejected again if you are satisfied with the recording.” and all I got in response was "Please let me know when its uploaded. Thanks"

I do voiceover work here on fiverr, so unless I start adding watermarks to my recordings before delivering the final product, all of my clients get their voiceovers whether they accept or reject it. This is only the 2nd or 3rd time any of my work has been rejected so I have not really seen the need to do this. But now I am wondering what the other voiceover artists do here.

Is this a type of issue that I should bring up with Fiverr Support? Even though I have turned in my work in a timely manner, it says I am LATE due to nothing being accepted by the buyer. I think they may have the option to cancel and/or leave negative feedback if I do not act quickly. Any help here will be much appreciated!

Allyson Michelle

Reply to @kiffinyjean: Agreed! Make it clear what they get for $5, the type of file etc. You can also include your own rules and things you don’t do in your gig description e.g. uploading the file to their website. That way they have no reason to “reject” the order. Alternatively if you get asked a lot you could offer to do these things as Gig Extras.

Nothing new… Unfortunately there are people here who will take advantage of the system to get free work.

This is just a guess, because from what you state it seems that the buyer is unable to clearly indicate what he wants, but when I clicked on your gig one of your extras was that you would install the message for them… so maybe they are worried if they pay you that you wont install like you promised even though they paid extra for it… This is just a guess as I don’t clearly know what is going through the buyers head, but this kind of work is based on complete trust and if you don’t feel the buyer is trustworthy or they don’t feel you are then the work cannot be done properly and may be best to resolve the issue so it doesn’t cost you your rating.

I’m agreeing with Bachas! Sometimes, buyers don’t really know that hitting the modify button will actually mean that they are rejecting the work, but if it is still happening after you have explained and they are demanding more than what they have paid for, this is clearly a way to take advantage of the system and push you more for free work. Report this to the CS immediately and also leave a message to the buyer again and see what he says.

Perhaps the person is “rejecting” because they consider the gig extra to be part of the job. So they’re rejecting it for incompleteness?

Reply to @bachas85: Thank you very much for your suggestion. I really appreciate it

Reply to @angelofsin: Thank you angelofsin and anarchofighter. This could be a very possible reason. I think I will go ahead and install it anyway for this client and hope he accepts everything. If not, I will take bachas and jasveenas advice and report it and take it as a lesson learned. I truly appreciate the outside opinions. I love what I do and wish to continue with as little difficulties as possible. I wish you all the best! xoxo

I make it clear on my page that I don’t do uploads, or calling direct, etc. That all they’re getting is a file. It’s not even that I can’t do it… it’s just such a hassle it’s not worth it. Put a small disclaimer on your page that you do not upload, etc.

Or, if you upload, try and find a way to confirm that it has been uploaded. Or state in an agreement. Once the file is uploaded the sale is final. that’s what I do with my uploads on Etsy. In almost two years I have had only one problem with a customer.

And this is why there needs to be a read-only archive for old posts! I know, I’m wasting my letters.