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I have a completed 2nd orders.Please help me get order

Hello there,
I am a new seller here from Bangladesh. I am a professional graphic designer. I designer a unique logos.
To be visit my best seller gig
Click here,

If you don’t want or can’t place an order just by clicking you’ll be helping him,

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Welcome to fiverr Forum

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Most welcome bro, I am so upset, Because I haven’t received an order for a long time.

Welcome @raifa_design to the Fiverr community and wish you all the best.

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First of all, wow. You’ve decided to go for a super highly competitive environment: “253,716 services available” so a question arises - why you and not someone else from those 250k?

Secondly, your gig is grammatically well written but here you are making a lot of typos. :sus: but that doesn’t matter much.

To answer your question - perhaps its best to find a less competitive environment so you can be more discoverable. Trying to advertise logo services along with 250k of other people won’t help you get any orders any time soon.