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I have a couple of questions



I have a couple of questions…

  1. How do i upload my CV so people can see my experience?
  2. Where are the people who want work done, so i can approach them?

Hope to get some answers.


  1. you can’t upload your CV to your profile but you can add your skills, education etc. to your profile. You can also add a portfolio which can be a link to a website or blog etc. you could potentially link to your CV on dropbox (I say potentially as I haven’t tried and Fiverr can be pedantic)

  2. you need to go to buyer requests. Under the menu item ‘selling’ you will see Buyer Requests. This is where some buyers post projects they need sellers for. You will only see projects in the same category as your gigs and you can make an offer for the project. This is the only legitimate way for you to contact a buyer directly if they’ve not approached you first.


Thanks for replying capitalquality.

How do I try uploading it on Dropbox?

Where’s the menu item ‘Selling’?


Quick one: Make your LinkedIn profile and make the link available.