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I have a doubt about getting into Level 2

Hi everyone,

I am a level 1 seller. I have crossed the 50 order mark and I have 100 percent positive reviews and 4 percent cancellation ratio. But I was not promoted as a Level 2 seller(worked quiet hard to get here :frowning: ). My account is over a month old and still needs a few more days to cross the 60 days mark…

What might be the reason? Has anyone ever faced this problem?



Nothing to worry about, you just need to be here for more than two months(I forgot maybe more?) and you’ll instantly get you promotion. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Reply to @viser1000: thanks a lot…thats comforting to know… :slight_smile:

It will happen the moment you turn 60 days old:) It did for me, anyway, and I imagine it will for you, too. It took longer for the badge to show up here, though, but that really doesn’t matter as much.

Reply to @kissreviews: thanks for the help :)…I am much relieved!!