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I have a facebook page with over 50,000 real likes getting over 700 likes a day naturally!


Hi everyone! I have a facebook page that has over 50,000 real likes and growing about 700 likes a day with over 43,000 of those fans Mainly from the UK and then USA! followed by other countries!

I have created a gig:

where you can get your facebook page, twitter, or link posted in the description of a picture, in the gig picture i screenshot an example of when a picture was up there for a hour how many likes, shares and comments it got!

This gig is designed to help you get more noticed with your twitter, facebook, youtube whatever you want!

The reason i put in the picture description is because i dont want to ruin the facebook page by just advertising things in status’s, so by doing it on the picture i will be able to say this picture was sent in, and provide a link to youtube, facebook and twitter or whatever you want so your page gets more vial, This picture will stay on my page for ever and also there are options that i offer to pin it to the top of the facebook page for a while



Check out gig extras as well since im a level 1 seller