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I have a gaming gig but I don't include anything in the delivery


Fiverr suggest that I include something in my delivery when I deliver to the buyer. I never do because I have a gaming gig and I finish the order when the time is up. What do I do?


You do want to include something as a delivery in every possible case. If you don’t, a buyer could say that you didn’t do what you promised and cause you problems. Even though your gig might be harder to deliver than some, it’s far from impossible. My suggestion would be to protect yourself in two ways. Take 2-3 screenshots of your gaming session, at least at the beginning and end of the session. You can deliver those screenshots as proof and they could make cool portfolio samples too. (As a gamer myself, I would be interested to see the ss’s if I were planning to buy your gig.)

If at all possible, I would also suggest that you use any built-in feature or recording app to record either your entire gaming session or snaps at intervals and store that clip for at least 30 days after a gig is complete. That gives you additional proof of the service you performed if the buyer contacts Support with an issue.


I see you play on “PC”. Just do some screenshots of the game played showing the starting and finishing time along with the buyer. OR Record the screen while the buyer is playing along with you and then deliver that video as a proof!!

Good luck!!