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I have a gig but i don’t get any order :(

I have a gig about Photo Editing in my account,as a new seller i can’t sell my gig or don’t get any order so how can i promot my gig or sell it?Please help me.

My service is background removing,clipping path,photo retouching,photo editing,business card design
and all other works in Photoshop.

my gig link -

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Read this:



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I have a gig but no order and no sell, how to sell my gig.

Maybe you need to learn magic? After all, many new sellers seem to think that sales appear magically without any work to earn them. Perhaps, if you can find a magician that specializes in making sales appear out of thin air, you might get instant sales, and not have to do any hard work – like every other seller has had to do.

My advice, learn how to manage your gigs like a business. And yes, research and responsibility will be required. What do you think you can DO to earn your sales? Answer that question, and you’ll be on the right path to success – like every other successful seller.

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lead generation, email marketing, Data entry, social media marketing, App promotion, youtube marketing etc.
I am very expert .

You can say you’re an expert in all of those things, but no one is likely to believe you until you can prove it. Right now, you have no seller reviews. Prove that you are as skilled as you claim, and you might start to see orders.

As We Know Fiverr Is Now A Days World’s Largest Freelancing Website Due To Which It Has More Sellers, In my Opinion You Must Wait For Few Days Then Try To Make Some Changes On Your GIG.

Just Make Some Changes In Your Gigs Like Tags And Title.

Why Did You Capitalize Every Word In Your Comment? It Is Obnoxious. Please Don’t Do It.

thanks :slight_smile:

Why are you thanking me?

I guess the user is thankful that you pointed out his mistakes.
Either way this discussion could’ve gone south or downhill.

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