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I Have a Gig I'm Working On... - Weird New Messages

Over the past few days, I’ve started receiving messages that are all worded bizarrely.

They all start something like:

Hi Cyaxrex,

I have a gig I’m working on that I think you will be a good fit for.


I have a gig I need you to do for us.

Then messages go on to be altogether condescending.

In one, I was told (by a Russian) that this was going to be a fantastic opportunity for me to work with a native English speaking editor. In one just now, I have been told not to worry about the project in question, because another writer will guide me through how to create a proper article structure with sub-headings etc.

All these messages are worded in a very similar way. All give the impression that the buyer expects you to collaborate with them in real-time on a project. - And all these messages are from people with brand new accounts.

Saying things like "I have a gig" also suggests that the person messaging is actually a fellow Fiverr seller looking to outsource.

Is anyone else getting messages like these?


The very weird interview request I got was from a Russian and was very condescending. The person expected me to be flattered and grateful and do it free of charge. Shocked and angry when I wasn’t interested.


Weird messages are definitely a thing! When I get them, I generally respond with a simple “no thanks” and then block them/mark them as spam. If your gut is telling you something’s off, it probably is.


Yeah, all mine are following a pattern of needing me to pass some kind of interview or test. Maybe if I get another I will confirm whether the buyer intends to pay. However, I’m not sure why anyone would bother ordering from a writer if they already have a writer on-hand who is going to be there hand-holding.

The general impression I get is that these people are assuming I am a non-native English writing noob who will need help with a task, despite it being clear that they are the non-native English speaker. That NEVER works out well… :roll_eyes:


It’s malignant n. at it’s finest. These are dangerous if they feel rejected or slighted, which happens frequently. Seriously. It’s best to be ever so grateful and not qualified for such an important task, with profuse apologies and embarrassment, although I can’t imagine you acting that way.


Weird! Do you ever think when interacting with someone, “Wow, this person exists in real life” ? I find myself thinking that a lot :sweat_smile:


Well, looks like I’ll be dead by morning. :frowning:

I find myself wondering a lot HOW some people exist in real life. When I get messages that all sound the same or are super odd, I also wonder if someone is just trying to prank me.


I’ve been getting the same person with two accounts messaging me simultaneously from both, peppering me with questions. It happens almost every day.

That’s crazy :roll_eyes: I would let those people know you’re reporting them (to take care of the response) and then report them immediately. They usually remove those accounts asap if they’re asking for things that would signify a job outside the platform.

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Message from Antartica today
“I want you to do more project for long time
you able??”


Would look good on my World Domination Map so I replied warmly.


I had sorta similar experience, some Japanese guy, telling me to visit a website and see if it was working or not, he was adamant about me visiting the site or else he wouldn’t order, I just reported spam.

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Sounds like the right move!

Ugh those kinds of messages suck. I usually reply with some kind of standard message about being too fully booked or something, if they continue, I repeat the message.

I don’t think “I have a gig” necessarily implies it’s a reseller though, or someone wanting to outsource part of a project, I think it could just as well mean “I have a job for you”, written by a non-english native speaker. And I say that as a non-english native speaker myself

I’m terrified of fiverr this February, to be honest. Every other inquiry is just downright bizarre. If it wasn’t a slow month earnings-wise, I’d be tempted to take a vacation.

From trying to purchase things I very obviously don’t sell to pretending to have a project and then wasting my time for an hour because “Ukrainian women are feisty and fun to talk to”. I’m so exhausted.


:raised_hand: Raises hand with embarrassment. That would be me.

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Oh no, someone wanted me to make a paper horse. Like, a 3D installation piece. I asked them why they tried to hire me specifically and they told me “well, we want it in neon”.

I wasn’t even surprised.


I had two messages from different people in the Ukraine in the past two days suggesting that I might be a good fit for their teams. They used different wording, but both babbled on about structure, skills, editing, etc. in similar ways. Odd.

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