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I have a gig of 1,197 Reviews. But it doesn't appear on search Result

I have a gig of 1,197 Reviews. it was always on the first page in the search result. But for the last 1 month, it doesn’t appear on Top 10-15 pages in the Search Result. I don’t know whats the issue. No new clients are ordering. Per week the impression is about 2k but only 20 clicks. Can anyone advise me how can rank again ? :cry:

Gig URL:

NOTE: 1 month ago, Suddenly my gig description disappeared and I added it again. This gig is looking Active but its not ranked within top 10-20 pages :frowning:

Kind Regards
Mithun Debnath


Gig rotation is the issue

Due to the pandemic the number of sellers on Fiverr has doubled or even tripled for some categories.

I have a gig with 8000 reviews and it’s removed from the first page where it would normally be. They are just rotating gigs to give everyone a chance. Granted, older sellers would expect more exposure, but this is the way Fiverr chose to do it and we just have to accept it.


In addition, Fiverr is allowing some level 2 and TRS sellers to pay to have their gig be more visible in the search. Maybe there are several sellers who are doing that in your category. :thinking:


Yes, I’m Agree with you. But i’m expecting at least 2nd page or 3rd page. But my gig is not listed within 20 pages !! :frowning: