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I have a gig of 1,197 Reviews. But it doesn't appear on search Result

I have a gig of 1,197 Reviews. it was always on the first page in the search result. But for the last 1 month, it doesn’t appear on Top 10-15 pages in the Search Result. I don’t know whats the issue. No new clients are ordering. Per week the impression is about 2k but only 20 clicks. Can anyone advise me how can rank again ? :cry:

Gig URL:

NOTE: 1 month ago, Suddenly my gig description disappeared and I added it again. This gig is looking Active but its not ranked within top 10-20 pages :frowning:

Kind Regards
Mithun Debnath


Gig rotation is the issue

Due to the pandemic the number of sellers on Fiverr has doubled or even tripled for some categories.

I have a gig with 8000 reviews and it’s removed from the first page where it would normally be. They are just rotating gigs to give everyone a chance. Granted, older sellers would expect more exposure, but this is the way Fiverr chose to do it and we just have to accept it.


In addition, Fiverr is allowing some level 2 and TRS sellers to pay to have their gig be more visible in the search. Maybe there are several sellers who are doing that in your category. :thinking:


Yes, I’m Agree with you. But i’m expecting at least 2nd page or 3rd page. But my gig is not listed within 20 pages !! :frowning:

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Did you get your gig back in search? If so how did you fix it

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not yet :frowning: All of my gigs ranked down


The same problem, and most likely it will not be solved in the near future, more than a month has passed since my gigs are not visible on any of the 22 pages. Secret system, what can I say. It remains only to wait for them to appear again.

My gig also used to be in top search results
But it’s been down for 2 months now

I’ve getting orders from repeat buyers and a few from buyers requests

I’ve been getting good ratings as well

Still there is no improvement in the gig position
Initially it was on 21 pages, now it’s gone further down

Impressions have gone from 3k to 4k per day to 300

Don’t know what we can do to get the gigs back up

in the keyword research category unfortunately, there isn’t any option to promote gig :frowning: @vickiespencer

@irfanpro this is really sad ! My gig impression was 20k+ but its 3.9k and decreasing day by day

waiting for the last 3 months !! :cry:

It is a feature that is in beta. Not all sellers have it.

A few day ago I saw this kind of problem. One of my competitor gig is completely disappear from the 1st page & it’s not visible in any pages. I was thinking what’s going on because her gig is ranked. Now I can understand and agree with @donnovan86

Gig rotation is the issue but it should be appear in the next pages.

You are a SEO expert and hope you have a permanent buyer. Take order from then hope everything will be alright.


Do you get your ranking back. If yes please let me know how. Because I am also facing this issue from more than one monthh

anyone found any solutions yet?
i see a lot of people posting about the same issue

Did you get your gig back in search? If so how did you fix it

Everything will not be alright until fiverr take any action about it, it’s not gig ranking issues, it’s fiverr bug or any technical issues and even we’re not getting CS human responses.

If it’s gig ranking issues then if we do marketing and complete any order then it helps to increase gig impression but now anything don’t have any effect on gig, just getting down everyday, it’s near to zero click. :neutral_face:

for the last 3 months I’ve completed many orders but still no improvement of my gig. even not a single gig is ranked. impression and clicks are decreasing day by day

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Same to you bro, :frowning_face:

Yes I have same issues from last two month, my gig was first page and suddenly it disappeared and it’s not even last page. I have completed some order hardly with repeated client but it didn’t help to increase even single impressions. I have contacted CS but i didn’t get human response, not sure how it’ll be fixed and when fiverr will take any action, :disappointed_relieved:

Surprising thing is that, you have 1K+reviews and some of TRS and level 2 seller have this kind of issues and they’re talking about that here but nothing is fixed still now. :neutral_face: