I have a kitten now. - Any tips?


So, I just got followed home by a stray kitten. Cats don’t usually do that and so I’ve let it in and given it a chicken leg to knaw on under the sofa where it is hiding.

I’ve decided to call it Xelandion but that’s as far as I go with cat care.

I think it underestimated what following me home might involve. i.e. Everything was fine until the door was closed but now it’s like ‘OH MY GOD! I’M LOCKED IN!’ - The thing is, it’s blowing a gale and I don’t feel comfortable letting it back out.

So any stray cat lovers out there with any ‘how to make a stray cat more comfortable advice?’


Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon your perspective), by feeding this cat, you just became its best friend. It won’t be leaving you anymore, because it knows you care about it, and are willing to give it food. :wink:


Just give it somewhere warm to snuggle into to go to sleep, and it’ll be fine. Best keep it on for a week or so until it gets its bearings. You’ll need a litter tray of course.

Welcome to the world of being owned by a cat - they don’t have owners, they have staff! :slightly_smiling_face:


They have staff :joy::rofl:


In addition to what others have said:

Boxes are great. Cats love them. Any carton box will do. Several carton boxes will also do.

Hiding places are also great. If the hiding place happens to have a nice soft blanket or something equally comfortable, even better. Don’t be surprised if you get your kitten a super comfy kitty bed and the kitten decides to sleep next to it, though. Cat logic.

Cats feel more in control when they are high up, at the top shelf or something like that. Above their kingdom, so to speak. If you can provide the kitten with a way to climb that high, that will be great.


Or maybe bring the kitten to the animal shelter? That is if you don’t want to keep it yourself of course :wink: As for tips, at least have the kitten checked out for any infections or things like that.


The cats going. It’s freaking me the hell out.


This is true, I once fed a stray cat some fancy feast, months later, she stops by daily purring. Kitty is very territorial, she fights the other roaming cats. She’s always standing in front of the sliding glass doors with a pitiful “feed me” look. I try to leave something outside frequently.


Well, the cat has left. It wandered into the bathroom, jumped out the window into the yard and is either now in the drain pipe on its way to the roof, or under the building floor in another drainage pipe.

First day of cat care - Epic fail. Quite possibly I might have to get professional help tomorrow if it is indeed stuck somewhere.


As someone with 3 - 4 cats and a side business in cat exchange, just hold it and start petting it until it gets comfortable. It’ll scratch and claw but bear with it.


I don’t even want to know what a cat exchange is. Anyway, I can’t pet now unless I grow one of my arms seven feet longer.


If its alive in the drain pipes close off the water and call the fire department.


Basically, you breed cats and give it to other people for materialistic goods.


Damn…this is turning out a bit like when I decided to adopt a stray pigeon…


So basically you’re a cat pimp?

Well, Xelandion is back. Miraculously appeared meowing to be let in at the back door at 4am. Let her in and then she started meowing for more attention or something. So then I thought to hell with it and let her out the front door to be free.

Nervous at first, she soon scarpered off out of sight and so I closed up and went back to bed. And then she came back meowing to be let back in. So, she’s back meowing constantly and following invisible things around the house freaking me out in the process. Also, I’ve just realized that my entire apartment smells like a catery.


Good :+1:


That sounds like a cat in love :wink: pet her mate


too late its chosen you lol just kidding but I suggest taking it to a local cat rescue if you cant handle it. if it looks like it is very hungry or weak i would take it there but if you really decide on keeping it then get it checked out right away in case it has flees or earmites or something like that.


sardines w/ rice and milk :wink: