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I have a language degree, but no ideas

Hey, everyone!

I have a language degree, actually a Translation degree. Throughout university, I have always taken classes on the Portuguese language and on the English language (some German but - ahem - we don’t talk about that). Anyway, I’m looking for some tips on new gigs I could create so that I could land my first order.

I have a translation gig and a Portuguese language learning gig, both active but they haven’t had much success, sadly. So, I was thinking maybe proofreading, but isn’t there enough of that on this website? I’ve written some articles after finishing university, I’ve written my own stories and even a game review for funsies but now I’m a sad unemployed young adult.

Any tips and help?


These articles may help you .


The gigs look really plain, especially your translating gig, and in just 26 words you still managed to leave a small error in the text. You should definitely work on how these gigs are presented and put a bit more effort in.

As for the teaching gig, I get that tarts are a known Portuguese pastry but I’m not sure how well this works with your branding? if any.

I’m sure with some re-working of them you’ll be able to start getting some work. Good luck!


Also, you can add a proofreading gig (English or Portuguese language, or both). And try to take a Fiverr course for beginners - it’s free, takes 1-2 hours, but can be very useful for you. Also, take Fiverr tests - buyers will see your result and they can be sure, that you are really good it what you are doing.
And good luck! :grinning:

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thanks, everyone. I’ll keep all of this in mind.

I’d check how the gig images show on the profile as due to the aspect ratio etc. some of the text is getting cropped. In the translation one check the “scientif” bit of the text. Also on the other gig don’t say “homework” in case Fiverr thinks it’s academic work which isn’t allowed.

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Thank you, I am going to edit my gigs now!

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Also another thing to consider would be a different profile picture. Don’t get me wrong, your cat is lovely, but the image as a whole doesn’t give a “professional vibe”.
A more personal and relaxed approach seems to work for some sellers though, so that’s not a must, it depends on your personality and the kind of client base you want to attract.

As for gigs suggestions, have you considered subtitles?
There seems to be some demand for that, learning how to create and synch subtitles is pretty easy, if you don’t already know how to do that.

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I’ll look into that, thank you!

And yeah, about the profile picture, honestly I’m using it as a place older as all the “professional” looking pictures I have of myself look like mugshots. Haha