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I have a new and innovative idea for FIVERR

Hi guys, please provide me with suggestions on this idea.
I think that when someone types in their keywords and looks for something, Fiverr should give sellers (whose gigs fit what the buyer is looking for) a notification, and allow them to create an offer for the buyer through the chat. At the top of the chat, it will tell sellers what the buyer was looking for (price range, etc) I think this should be a feature which can be enabled by both buyer and seller for this to happen, and should be one of the options when u sign up.

Please let me know if this is a fairly decent idea…And would this work??

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I would probably hate it.

I have just imagined myself looking for service and hundreds of instant offers would pop up during search.


So you want Fiverr to send millions of notifications every day whenever people search for something? The website already has problems working properly sometimes, so this will only make things worse. :slight_smile:


Oops, sorry, let me clarify. Fiverr should only send it out to a select number of people (not every single person)

We already know people are searching for stuff. You just have to study keywords and optimize your gig for that. Then you will be in front of the pack, hopefully.


Well…to be fair BR ends up working like that (each times I’ve made one I got several messages. One after another…) I feel like this would just create more spam (in an ideal world it’d help people who are looking for something ASAP and sellers who are quick on their feet but… )


Yep, good points!!! Makes sense!

It’s interesting in a thought-experiment kind of way, but I can’t see it working well as-is. Who would qualify for this? How would it be integrated into the systems already in place? Can users opt-out? How could it be abused, and what could be done to minimize potential problems and exploits?