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I have a one buyer request when i click buyer request i have 4 or 5 buyer request whats s that

I am trying to post a buyer request right now, its taking hours to approve!

This is really frustrating considering all the spam that gets approved but my genuine request is stalling!


I know. That surprised me too. I posted a Buyer Request for a picture for my gig. I did it in the morning and it was not approved until late evening. I had to wade through the offers the next morning.

I’ m new seller but I FIND ONLY SELLER REQUEST on buyers request and many offers were sent to them

Yes, they do get offers . . . :joy::joy:from other sellers.


Hello! I am seller with 68 reviews (4.8 stars) and I was level 2 seller. Before one month went to level one and now to new seller. I dont understand why… But the main problem is that I only see one or none buyer requests. I remember that when before one year when I was again new seller in fiverr, there were many buyer requests and I sent 10 requests every day.

Is there a bug??

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Fiverr has changed lots of things. You are a new seller, so you see fewer or no buyer requests. When you become a level 1 seller, you will see many requests

i have many buyer request i also send offer but why i not get order…???

You asked a similar question here:

because my problem is this

I cant believe it… I have 85 completed orders and so much reviews with 4.8 stars and now I am new seller and I cant see buyer requests. Absolute destruction…


Some Day I do not get any buyer request I am working on Fiverr Logo Design. Please help me.

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i am level one yet nothing

it sucks lmao why they do that :rofl:


I have an account with Fiverr for years, but I started creating Gigs only now.You mention that when you become a Level1 seller you will see many requests, but how do you become a level 1seller if you don’t see any buyer request as a new seller - which means you cannot complete any orders and get to the next level. Seems like a chicken and egg issue.I don’t see any Buyer requests yet, but I hope they show up soonas my categories are fine.

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@gdadlani If you want help you need to create your own topic.

You are replying 10 months later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


i just got started can u help me out "?

Eoin has some valuable advice.

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You are right! Nice reply…

Please how can I navigate through buyer’s request