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I have a problem in Recent Buyer Requests What should I do


I have a problem in Recent Buyer Requests What should I do

The time has not changed and we are now in 12.20.2015 and is still in, but today 12/18/2015

What should I do!!!!


There is nothing to do. Buyer requests are not refreshed on a set schedule. You just have to wait until they are. Buyer requests are an additional perk, not a guarantee. Mine have not cycled to new ones by today either. Be calm and wait until you get a regular order or there are new requests to quote on. Advertise your gigs on social media. Patience.


Hey, can I ask why this is? It seems strange that they don’t appear immediately. Many of the writing/translation gigs I see are for set times or with short deadlines but they were requested a day or more beforehand.
It would surely be offputting for a buyer if they requested a time conscious gig and then got a lot of requests a day after their deadline.


What should I do now ?


in this social media.


You should ask people on social media how time zones work. It’s amazing!!!

Anyway, buyers who want cheap work fast (i.e. sub 24h) posting on BR really need to get a grip, why be concerned about their issues? Trust me, a cheap client with urgent needs is never worth the time.


Don’t. Just don’t.


I have had very well paid jobs with short deadlines through BR, but yes, they should probably not leave it up to BR if it is urgent. I just find it odd that BRs are not automatically added to the list, they are clearly not moderated so I just don’t get what the hold up is.


I really have no idea. I’m just a volunteer. You’d have to ask Customer Support.


?? Promote your gigs elsewhere? Wait for buyers?


And a really nice volunteer too :slight_smile:
Just thought it might have been asked/answered before




We could ask the Fiverr CEO, who is really dragging his feet re: promises to answer our questions… a little moderation in BR would really, really improve it. It’s probably one of the easiest fixes for this website!


It’s a matter of where limited resources can best be utilized as far as producing the most (best on return of investment) results. That would include where the staff can best use their work time, as well as where the CEO can best use his time. As far as a fairly new internet site goes in terms of doing things right this site is at the top.


I agree, Fiverr does an awful lot right. I just don’t understand how there can be no moderation + a delay. I had no new BRs for 36 hours then 150 in less than an hour. It looks like they are moderated but they clearly aren’t from the stuff that gets through. BRs are submitted and then go into pending approval - by who/what/when/how?
PS. Out of those 150 writing and translation BRs, I would conservatively guess that 50% were from sellers looking for work.