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I have a problem.Is there anyone to help?

I got an order and i completed it. But after completion after 3_4 days the buyer asked me for small help in free.
So can I help him in free without charging him for this.?
Is this against Fiverr rules or not?

In reality, I want to help him because he is my permanent buyer but I am just checking that is there any risk for me.
Please experienced people responded to this.
Thanks in advance.


You can certainly give a little help for free if you choose. However, bear in mind that some buyers take advantage … and some get quite irritated when you set a boundary.

Think about creating a “catch all” gig that you can use for this kind of thing if appropriate …


I think you can help him because and he has taken service from you before and also you said he is your permanent buyer


Does fiverr allows to do this ?

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Does fiverr allows to do it?

That’s what I said …


No I think it’s normal it will gain your trust level.


Thank,s you so much for help


Yes, you can…

No, it’s not…

A freelance service is a transaction. He didn’t do you a favor by being a regular buyer.

You’re just encouraging your own exploitation.

No legitimate client expects favours from you for doing business with you.