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I have a problem with a customer (disrespectful)

what should I do?
I gave him his work and hours later he told me that it looks extremely basic, I asked him for information on the video style he wanted but he did not answer me, then he asked me several questions that have nothing to do with the order, I asked him again to provided me information on the video style that he liked and he ignored my question(lo ha hecho varias veces), al final he told me that I sucks, he has been rude to me and I have treated him in the best possible way


Just block him. Engaging / arguing with clients like that never leads to good things. Obviously, you have no interest in working with him again, so just block him.


it happened lot of times to me some are like that i know its hard to let it go you will get used to it
-Some buyers like 2 % will always want the work for free .Let him go and dont work with him again.


but I currently have an active order with the


Based on what we’ve seen reported in the forums from other sellers who’ve been in a similar situation to you, Fiverr customer support are only likely to encourage you to try and work things out with your buyer (rather than rule in your favour for example). Which of course is unrealistic once communication has broken down.

While I often like to challenge buyers who are potentially trying to scam, if you are confident that communication has broken down and that your buyer is no longer responding to you in a positive way, the pragmatic approach is to stop work on the project immediately and cancel the order. Yes, you will lose your time investment and the value of the order - but your buyer has already made it clear he thinks your work “sucks”.

If you fight this you might win the moral argument and keep your order money, but your buyer is likely to tear you to pieces with their public feedback. Where possible I like to convert complaints into happy customers, but this isn’t always possible.

I don’t like cancelling orders and in many circumstances problems can be worked through, but this particular buyer sounds like he is trouble.


I appreciate your opinion in a very detailed way, thank you.

Update: I went back to doing the work from scratch, he asked me for a couple more revisions and he has already launched the order, so far he has not done a revision, do you know how long you have to do a revision?

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Sometimes you may have to be extremely patient and even go out of your way to ensure customer satisfaction. If you simply can’t stretch any further, it’s best to protect your mental space and terminate the transaction you have going on.

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