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I have a problem with "Buyer Request"

I’m new to Fiverr.
I have a problem with “Buyer Request”.
So far, I have patiently made about 50 suggestions, but have not received a response.
I want to know is this normal?


Buyer requests are worthless most of the time. Don’t waste your time on them.

I’m a Pro, TRS seller (so, basically the best profile you can have on the platform in terms of trust / social proof) with over 100 5 star reviews. I write correct, straight to the point pitches. It stands to reason I should be well above average in converting BR’s, since my profile is much better than 99% of the other people applying. Over the years here I’ve gotten maybe 2 or 3 deals out of over 100 BR’s. If those are my numbers, most sellers are totally screwed lol.


@visualstudios, I am agree. In some cases it will be hard to find good orders.
@mtz1996, although I am new there, I think that you can publish your GiG on forum. But if you want to find customers on buyer request, you can create a creative offer that will be attractive and very hard to refuse. I think I helped you. Good luck! :grinning:


Publishing your gig on the forum won’t help you get any orders.


So, if you are Pro, from what will you recommend to start? It will be interesting to know.


The entire idea behind Fiverr, and what separates it from other freelance platforms (upwork is now starting to copy the model) is that you don’t apply to jobs or need to go after clients.

You set up a good profile, gigs, and portfolio, and wait for clients to contact you. That’s it. If you never get any orders or contacts, either improve what you’re offering, or maybe this isn’t the place for you. Maybe the market is saturated, maybe the competition is better, whatever.

If you are willing to keep messaging people, doing marketing, etc. you don’t need Fiverr - contact clients directly without any platform and you won’t have to pay commission since you’ll be doing all the work in terms of getting leads.


same problem,
pls help me everybody,

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This depends on your luck and the way you write your offer. Though it doesn’t harm anything in your acount.
Thank You.


I believe it all depends on how you present yourself and services, but also in which “Industry” you are operating. People in BR are looking most of the time for cheaper options than what can be found from search page’s top results.

It makes sense to me you do not get any fruitful answers from BR with such high profile, and probably by showing a little bit of over-confidence that might impress too much potential customers.

I personally got my second customer via Buyer Request.
The most important is to let them know that :

  • You fully understand their project
  • You have what it takes to get it done perfectly
  • You are someone they can count on anytime
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I understand that, but that’s precisely the problem with Buyer Requests. The budgets are totally unrealistic.

Sure, they won’t hire me because they want to pay $5 for a well edited video. But guess what? They’ll hire no one, then, because no one will do a good job at that price. The top page consists (usually) of the best you can get at competitive prices. Want to keep quality at a cheaper price? Not gonna happen, doesn’t exist. That’s my point.

Buyers that post on buyer’s requests are (again, usually) buyers no one should want. It’s a cesspool, a race to the bottom. They are either lazy and entitled to the point of not doing any research (“why would I waste my time to find a good seller, let me post this here and let the peasants fight over it”), or they have completely unrealistic expectations of finding the same quality they saw for $100 in the search page at a price point of $5. Both are terrible.

Btw, if anything budgets for requests should be higher, not lower. If a client contacts me, I don’t need to waste my time to pitch. If I’m pitching, I have to charge more to compensate me for the time it takes me to pitch. Replying to buyer requests is work, and it’s work that I’m doing with no guarantees of getting paid for it. It doesn’t make sense.


That is a valid point.

But I am still convinced it is a great way for brand new sellers, with talent and desire to succeed, to get their first ever review that will help them launch their profile to the top. Taking action instead of waiting for success cannot be blamed for someone eager to achieve something.

I am a little bit surprised by your general consideration and semantic towards buyers using BR as a Fiverr Pro seller…

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I mean, just check this out.

Seriously. He’s very demanding, says each video is a lot of work. Demands constant contact, and that you be an expert in motion graphics, premiere and “elements”. Five bucks per video, fixed. But hey, if you’re lucky you can get 10 videos a month, so you’ll be making 40 bucks every month for what will turn into a full time job! Amazing!

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What’s surprising about it? And what do you mean by semantics?

The entire point of Fiverr is to get clients contacting you. That’s how it works. Buyer requests shouldn’t even exist, they are opposed to the platform’s philosophy. If you want to pitch to clients, why not use another platform with much better fees? Just go on subreddits for online work, contact people there, and pay no commission.

Of course there are deals that are unacceptable. But sometimes 1 review can be worth way more than any $ for starting on this platform. Especially if you are confident in your abilities into delivering an outstanding result.

Personally this is the path I chose with my client on BR, as she was a student she made clear that she will not be able to afford my regular rates. I still got paid fairly, and managed to get the precious sesame that contributed to bring visibility & trust into my profile.

I understand doing it for the first review, that may make sense. But even then, your time will be best served by improving profile, gigs and portfolio, thereby increasing the chances of getting contacted. Fiverr keeps rotating gigs in search, and gives a boost in visibility to new accounts. Everyone starts at 0 reviews, and a lot of people get their first reviews without resorting to buyer requests. If you put on a good show in your profile/gigs, clients will come.

Cannot agree more on improving your Profile and general trustworthy level, it is on of the main key to success, way beyond getting desperately your first review.

I even wrote about it !


Make sure to submit 10 Buyer Requests daily. Other people like you put in Buyer Requests. One Buyer receives 200-300 Requests. You will be selected with a percentage less than 0.35%. So make your gig beautiful and give the buyer a small discount. This will allow you to receive an order.


Yes this is normal. Many people report ratios in the hundreds of BR submitted to one Sale. I am currently sitting at:

442:8 or 55:1

Only 50% of those completed jobs returned over $20 for several hours work when I live in a country with minimum casual wage for unskilled labor at $25ph.

BR are not a way to build a business, esp seeing most “buyers” are expecting huge amounts of often very ill-defined work for a fee that is less than the average slave would make (in the food & lodging they are given).



Maybe not, You should word on writing proper proposal. Atleast 1-2 knock would be ok


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