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I have a problem with buyer requests, help me out

I’ve seen sellers who reload the page and have 300 or more requests and all the requests I’ve had in a DAY arrive around 30 and it’s a lot (reloading the page all day), some days I can’t even send the 10 offers. I’d like to know if it’s because of the categories I have or something else. It’s very frustrating to have to reload the page all the time! :confounded:

The categories of my Gigs are these below:



Yes, it mainly depends upon the category you are working in. There are some categories like logo design where you will find a lot of buyers requests everyday and on the other side we have some categories that are in less demand so you will find very few buyer’s requests in those categories.

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It depends on two things to see buyer offers.

  1. Category
  2. Seller ranking and buyer ranking.

I’ve observed someone who sells the same services I do see offers that I see on my system and more offers with just a category and all that is simply missing from mine.
Top rated buyers are usually displayed to top sellers like level 2 and above. I don’t have a substantial proof for this, but this is something I have seen one too many times.

So, work on the little you get and maybe, just maybe, if you keep a good rating and raking for a long time, you could join the elite team.

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My first contact with a buyer here at Fiverr was a Top Buyer (it was a new arrival), and along with that there have already been 2 buyers with that rating.

You can read more about lack of buyer requests here:

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