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I have a problem with Buyer Requests


I’m always checking my Buyer Requests page so I can offer my gigs to people who are interested but I don’t get why there aren’t many showing? Like, for example, I have a friend who works here too, and she has gigs that are very very similar to mine, I mean she works on the same stuff (infographics, vector tracing, etc) and when she enters her BR page I see she has like 1500+ requests, but when I enter mine it literally shows 0. The most I’ve had is like… 16? I don’t get it, is it because she has more time here and has sold more? Or why does that happen?


I can see around 4,000. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug or something!


What are the levels of you and your friend?
The higher your level is, the more buyer requests you’ll get.
If you’re a new seller, 0 requests is pretty common for time to time.


Oh, I guess this is the problem then… Like I said she’s been here for longer, she’s level two, so it’s probably that. Thank you!