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I have a problem with my gig


my problem is simple when I give publish gig is not published, it stays saved in the draft section I do?


Dear Jero:

You could include more details, such as the operating system and particular browser you use.

If you’re not using Chrome, that could be the whole problem right there.

Also, did you try turning your printer off and turning it back on?


Recreate it if ir happens again sign in again or else please contact with customer support


@blaisefaint i use windows 10, and google chrome, I turned off and turned on my PC but nothing …


@excelsolutionn I created it again and started session again and nothing he tried to contact with the support but I do not know how


from draft, u continue again, then you publish your gig


@alzihad How do I continue? I have not seen this option


go to gig, u can see active gig and draft giģ, u can continue ur gig from draft


how, where are the continue buton for my gig ?


go to selling, right top. dn u can see ur active gig and draft gig


if I can see the gig manager, but I do not see my active gig


do u have any active gig? !


no i dont have any active gig


then u don’t see any active gig.


you need to verify your phone number then you will get active.
Good Luck


@alzihad yeah but no active because my gig are on draft


@aj3ddesign if I just did it but I do not get calls or messages and now it tells me that it waits 48 hours


Okay Atfirst log out your account then clear your browser cache then login.I think it should be work if not then contact the fiverr support.
Good Lock :slight_smile:


finally u got it bro -_-


yes because your verification is failed for trying to 3 times above and that’s why you’ve to try after 48 hours.