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I have a qestion here

If I buyer ask you to for a sample of your work but what you wrote were all ghostwritten, how would you be able to send that sample if you are not supposed to share ghostwritten work?

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I would tell the seller that you do not have samples. Often buyers will trick sellers into giving examples and then steal them and use them.

I would prepare a piece that is short that you can share and keep it for such times.


^^^ this. Have a sample prepared to share. Don’t share something you wrote for a client.

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I tried this. I have several articles published online and a few ebooks. When I have sent samples of my own work, I’ve either not heard anything back or found samples published online on other sites later. This trashes the whole idea of sending samples, as whoever you send the same samples to next can say, "Liar! You just sent me a sample you got from this top design agencies website!"

If someone wants a sample, let them know they can buy one. You don’t lose sales by doing that. You just get better buyers. :wink:


I never give samples and I also encourage these types of buyers to buy a $5 gig. But I fogot to tell the OP that. Thanks, Andy!

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Lately for the first time in six years on fiverr people keep asking me for a free “reading” of their love life. I don’t do that even for money. Nor would I give them one free. Too many amateur sellers make potential buyers think they can get freebies from everyone.

I dislike being lumped in with the crowd this way, as if I’m also a new not too bright seller who is desperate, and easy for all these unscrupulous buyers to go around to getting lots of free readings. These buyers aren’t even looking at my gigs at all, just going through the list of sellers.

On the other hand if I were hiring a writer I would hope to see a sample or a display of their writing. I think it would make sense to have a blog that a writer could direct potential buyers to, maybe with a very faint watermark across it.

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The thing is, most people who ask for writing samples want specific writing samples. Someone want’s a sample to show that you can capably write for a limousine hire company, travel blog, or whatever their project is.

In short, it just isn’t feasible to giveaway free samples. When I stated on Fiverr, I had an online portfolio I could direct people to. There were articles published there covering everything from cosmetic dentistry to spiritual jewelry and news op-eds. Every time though, I’d be asked for something more specific/in line with a buyers brief.

Now I just invite people to order a sample. If my reviews aren’t good enough for them or my prices too high, that’s kind of a warning sign that a buyer may be a nightmare to work with anyway.


For me, the solution was to have published content on my own blog and in my own name.

Over 100 articles on my blog and my two published books are enough content to showcase my writing talent. :slight_smile:

Good luck trying to steal copyrighted books or articles from established blog with 3+ years of existence.

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