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I have a question about 3 warnings. Please answer me

If one scammer brings me 1st warning then after 6 months By somehow I get 2nd warning and 1 year later I get 3rd warning then my account on Fiverr will ban?


An a Fiverr account will be banned either up on getting three warnings or been issued with the same warning twise for breaking laws.

In some cases Fiverr may ban someone’s account issuing a single warning based upon the severity of the warning.

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Thank you, but then how can someone choose freelancing as a carrier? No secured income.

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Read the rules and obey them, simple as that.

There are lots of sellers in this market place who have been doing business for years, and been successfully doing that. So if someone follow the rules they can survive I guess.


Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned!

If you abide by the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you won’t get any warnings.


Fiverr is not the only freelance platform. It’s also possible to freelance offline.


Please read Fiverr’s Terms of Service carefully. then you can avoid from warnings. and also you can get tips and idea for provide good service for your clients.

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