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I have a question. (about PayPal)

So I read the post about Paypal vs Fiverr Card, and I personally like Paypal. But there was also talk that withdrawing without $50 is a bad idea. Why is that? They said something about a $1 deduction, but I thought Paypal was free. Also, what is the deduction if I withdraw at my current total, $28?

PayPal is not free. When you withdraw small amounts they take a percentage (about 2.9). However when you withdraw $100 they take a flat $1 or 1%. It’s explained clearly on their site.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: So where does the $50 dollars come in? Were they just mistaken?

I believe they take a flat fee of $1 for a $50 withdrawal as well, but then the percentage doubles to 2%.

I used $100 simply to demonstrate the difference in the percentage.

For folks who do a good deal of business, 1% is much better than 2% in the long run.