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I have a question about the algorithm

Can the number of your gig`s determine a higher probability to be chosen by the website to appear more often in the search engine?


Nope… Mainly algorithm depends on your rating reviews Hidden reviews and keywords of gig


The truth is that no one on this forum is qualified to answer your question.

Only the Fiverr team know the answer about how their algorithms work.

Anything posted on these forums by others is therefore personal option.


If you type “algorithm question” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on this much discussed and pondered question, to which nobody but Fiverr has the answer.


No we are.

No algorithm would reward people for putting more gigs up or more products up.

Companies design algorithms around what supports their business objectives. Making multiple gigs doesn’t do that.

Algorithms are built to publish what is most likely to sell. Making extra gigs isn’t a sign that buyers want what you’re selling.

Additionally, if Fiverr rewarded people for making gigs, sellers would make gigs just for the sake of that and the marketplace would be full of fluff that no one wants, making it harder to find things people actually do want.

No algorithm favours people for little tricks that not only don’t support their business objectives, but could actually hamper them.


You have said it all, thank you

Just a hint.

I am confident that algorithm is designed to bring as much money as possible to Fiverr in the first place. They are responsible to shareholders who would love to get payback of their investment.

If you think this way you may find what is important for search engine.

My personal opinion is that number of gigs plays marginal or even nihil role in search results.


thank you for your elaborate answer.

Thank you for the tip.