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I have a Question about : The difference of Prices

I was looking the app development section… And i was very surprised by some prices that i saw on there… "app creation or conversion of a website… iOS and android… £3,96 or £7,92 or £554 and it goes to over £3000.

Can someone explain how can one offers an iOS and android app for £4? Is it a price per hour? And if so, how do we count the hours? I mean how to know if the price is right?

I would like to offer app development… so i need to understand how to compete with all the offers fiverrr already have.

Anyone who has time to explain, thank you so much in advance.

The difference comes from the quality. You should evaluate what your service is worth and price your gigs based on that. Your competition will be in the same price range as you are not the $5 gigs.

I can’t speak for app market, but I think web development is pretty close to it.
For example, there are developers who offer $5 websites. Obviously, it’s not the case for all $5 gigs, but there are some who can offer so low prices because they use stolen or low-quality free templates. They don’t follow any best practices in terms of security, project management & documentation. They make a lot of coding errors and some of them don’t even do any testing.

There are some who start at a lower price range to get some reviews before they up their prices, but there aren’t too many of those sellers. Based on my own experience I’d say there are more sellers who sell at lower prices simply because their service isn’t worth more than $5.

It’s up to you, but unless it’s a maintenance work I wouldn’t price gigs based on hours. Try to price your gigs based on the value you add to your client.


Thank you so much… makes sense :slight_smile: .

I understand better how it works.


I can make this pretty easy for you.

First, whenever you see someone offering app or web design for a ridiclously low price, imagine your business setting on fire with all your stock, employees, and customers trapped inside.

Secondly, research the going rate for services like app design in the real world. In some countries (where a dollar goes a bit further), it may be possible for developers to still profit by offering services at 20% to 30% less than in places like the US. Some (seller) costs, though, won’t change.

  • App design software licences will remain the same
  • Template costs and costs associated with including premium things like WooCommerce apps will remain the same
  • PC and associated hardware costs remain the same

It really isn’t a good idea, therefore, to go with a super budget seller, if what they offer sounds to good to be true.

The best thing to do is list all your app requirements, send messages to sellers with a few hundred reviews or more, asking if they can help. Then ask for a quote, estimated order turn around time, and ideally, links to apps which they have created previously.

If I was an app designer, I would have a free app available for clients to test drive or links to past work which I am proud off. I’d, therefore, be a bit insistent about this bit.


I am definitely going to do that… and i am already working on my free app :slight_smile:

Thanks for all these good advices!!!