I have a question about travelling


I will be travelling to Europe from Canada at the end of next month and obviously I want to be able to work while I am there. Will the change in location cause any problems with my fiverr account?
Should I notify support that I will be out of the country?


I don’t think so it would cause any major problem nor you need to inform them about this. Most of sellers do that and its pretty normal.


Just be sure to pause your gigs or put your account in Vacation Mode. If you leave with your gigs active and people order or accept old quotes, you could return to find negative reviews.


I plan on working while i am there. so I will still be able to accept orders etc.


thank you for your answer :slight_smile:


Sorry, I read your OP as “won’t” instead of “want.” My mistake. :slight_smile:


I’m a Canadian seller as well! I travel as well. I’ve never had any issues with my flag changing or anything out of the norm.

Have a safe trip!

:bulb: Joe


yay! great to know! thanks so much!


I am from the US but live in France currently, when I go home for the summers the location changes automatically. I’ve never had a problem with it so I think you’ll be just fine! :slight_smile: