I have a question! Answers appreciated!


Greetings to all! It’s me, again. Moving on, I have a question, totally varying from one seller to another.

But I’d just like to know, after how many views, clicks or impression have you gotten your first sale?


Clicks and views aren’t important. and sell depends on what service you are offering. :slight_smile:
Example, created a gig the day before yesterday, got and order yesterday. :smiley:


That’s amazing! Thank you! You gave my hope a boost :wink:


That is not any limitation or criteria for it but more will be good for it.


I see, thank you! But could you give an example for your gig? An experience? I would appreciate it so much.


Hi there. I can´t tell you after how many clicks etc. because I didn´t even look at that until long after I started,

You can use the forum search function top right to search for ‘promoting my gigs on social media’ or similar search terms, there are a lot of forum posts about that,

my tip though is to not worry about that too much but invest the time rather in checking and replying to Buyer Requests often (to be among the first sellers to reply to any new BRs) and into optimising profile and gigs with unique images.

For example, many buyers won´t buy things like book covers from sellers who use other people’s pics or stock images as their own profile pic, because they assume, often rightly so, that those sellers don´t have good relations with copyright and IP. A profile picture showing either yourself or a logo made by you or uniquely for you will give a buyer more confidence in buying from you. Obviously, they want to feel safe that they will not get anything from a seller that violates someone’s copyright/IP and might give them trouble when they use it.

Forget those numbers and rather focus on making you profile and gigs so that they inspire buyers to choosing to buy from you and make use of your 10 offers for Buyer Request daily (make sure to read the requests thoroughly and to write an individual reply to each you reply to, not using copy-paste replies, most buyers don´t appreciate that) and you´ll heighten your chances to get your first sale soon. Then you do a good job well within time and once you have a good review, other sales will follow. Good luck!


It varies from seller to seller and gig to gig. But for your gigs, there’s hell lot of competition there. I don’t think you’ll able to get direct orders regularly till you make pretty much of your profile. I highly suggest never to miss buyer requests though. They’re a great way to enhance your sales.


Thank you so much! You’re amazing. That’s what I’m currently doing though. However, being the first at BRs are really quiet difficult. But as you said, I’m trying to also do my best at it.


Yes! I know, expert graphic designers are everywhere and here I am, fresh to fiverr. I hope I can do it though, despite this competition.


As a somewhat successful seller, I can safely say that my life on Fiverr started when I finally started completely disregarding my views, clicks, and impressions analytics. I know that this seems counter productive but really, just ignore it.

Do everything you can to tweak your gigs but only ever see increased (or decreased) sales volumes as a mark of your success. I’ve made $1,000 and had the best month ever previously on a gig which was showing a 2.5K drop in clicks and impressions. It really makes no sense.

Also, as a bit of a spooky aside to things, I sell books on Amazon and I can guarantee that if I check my sales analytics everyday I never sell anything. If, however, I don’t look for months at a time, I end up making $50 per month.

My opinion? The Internet works in accordance with the law of observance. If you are looking for change that change won’t happen. Does this mean that the Internet and Fiverr is a consciously aware narcissist? -Yes, I think so. At present, however, you will just have to go on my word for that.


I got my first order next day after creating my first ever gig on fiverr.


I think it might make sense insofar that the number of clicks, impressions etc. isn´t the important thing, but the sales you actually make, the conversion rate, is. So, if 1000 people click on your gig but none of them buys = bad, if only 10 people click, but 5 buy = very good. :slight_smile: But yeah, both Fiverr and the internet at large seem somewhat moody entities, so there´s that.